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  • Creating the right book—it’s all about the book
  • Writing that hooks
  • Finding your voice
  • The two biggest mistakes that authors make (and how to not make them)
  • Analysis of your book with suggestions


  • 2017 Publishing world overview; changes, trends and what you must know
  • A look at how successful authors break into the industry; case studies
  • Publishing options: pros and cons
    • Self-Publishing (prints-on-demand (POD), ebooks, small/big press, distribution)
    • Traditional Publishing
      • Direct to publisher
      • Work with an agent
        • How to find an agent who will want you
        • The agent query letter—what to do . . . and what not to do
  • Book Design—how most self-published authors kill their book’s chance for success before they’re even published—and how not to


  • The Christmas Box story. How I sold 8 million copies of my first book.
  • My personal book marketing strategy. (Confidential)
  • How to identify, strategize and promote your unique marketing proposition.
  • Create your own marketing strategy / media notebook.
  • Earned, Owned and Paid Media: How, when and where to use them.
    • Public Relations and Social Media. Press Release. Creating your Press book.
    • Paid media. Return on Investment. (ROI) What mediums work best for what kinds of books.
    • Owned media. Building your platform.
  • How to make a booksigning event work. (Psychological tricks!)
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